Kit Carson
Carson City coinage, identified by the unique double “CC” mint mark, is without a doubt one of the truly fantastic segments of the rare coin marketplace. Second in romantic lore to the California Gold Rush, the Nevada Silver Rush, referred to as the Comstock Lode, was discovered in 1859 in the mountains near Carson City, Nevada. Since 1870, the Carson City Mint and its legendary namesake, Kit Carson, have remained in the hearts of Americans as treasured mementoes of an era in American history when pioneers challenged the Wild West. Because Carson City coinage is rare, popular and historically significant, yet generally affordable, it is our pick for THE preferred segment of the numismatic market.

Here you will find the authority on CC branch mint rarities. Our passion is acquiring the very best CC rarities and providing the very best information and service. This is accomplished by having the advantage of the specialized focus of longtime CC expert Selby Ungar, along with noted author and numismatist Adam Crum, combined with the financial strength of Monaco Rare Coins. That is how CC rare coin collectors and investors gain the advantage of quality, selection, knowledge, best pricing and the foremost and unsurpassed two-way market in this fabulous segment of the rare coin marketplace.

The King of Carson City is the premier buyer and seller of these beautiful and historic coins. Customer satisfaction is always given the highest priority. As the foremost dealer in certified CC Morgan Dollars, we promise that if you desire a specimen that is not presently shown in our on-line store, there is a good chance we have it or are able to acquire it more effectively than a generic coin dealer. Our motto is honesty, integrity and customer satisfaction.

As a leader in Carson City coins, market-maker and numismatist Selby Ungar has been active in the field of Numismatics for over 30 years. He is a certified dealer for PCGS, NGC, ANACS, ICG, and is a life ANA member. Mr. Ungar is also on the Board of Governors for the National Silver Dollar Roundtable (NSDR) and is active in many youth oriented programs helping to promote and maintain interest in Numismatics. He has received several prestigious awards including the NSDR 1997 Man of the Year Award and in 2003 was presented with the NSDR Lifetime Achievement Award.Adam Crum & Selby Ungar

Adam Crum, born in Dallas, Texas, was introduced to coin collecting by his father. His fascination with numismatics grew, and by age 22 it was his full-time career. In addition to being an avid student of U.S. numismatics, he has spent his career helping others understand how to successfully buy and sell U.S. coins. Mr. Crum has published newsletters, books and video programs on rare coins since 1991, has been published in most of the leading coin industry publications and has been a guest on many regional and national broadcast programs. He is an Official Red Book Contributor due to his expertise and knowledge of the numismatic marketplace. Mr. Crum is a member of the Professional Numismatist Guild, Florida United Numismatists, Central States Numismatic Society, American Numismatic Association, Professional Coin Grading Service, Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, Certified Coin Exchange, Coin Plex Trading Exchange and National Silver Dollar Roundtable.

Monex HeadquartersMonaco Rare Coins is a trusted leader in the rare coin investment world with its offices in Newport Beach, California. Monaco specializes in finding the finest rare coins available, with an experienced and knowledgeable staff of professionals available to provide the service and information needed in this vast rare coin marketplace. Most importantly, investors have come to rely on Monaco’s foremost two-way, buy-and-sell market for rare coins, and Monaco is selected as a preferred dealer for building truly legendary rare coin portfolios. Monaco staff and advisors are members of the Professional Numismatic Guild…the American Numismatic Association…Professional Coin Grading Service…Numismatic Guarantee Corporation of America…the National Silver Dollar Roundtable…Numismatic Literary Guild…and numerous other numismatic trade organizations.